Welcome to the self-drive specialist for East Africa!

On African Roads organizes “guided self-drive safaris” in East Africa, with the main destinations Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Safari means “journey” and comes from the Swahili language. For us Safari stands for adventure and an intense and pure experience of the beauty of the African landscape, the locals and the diversity of flora and fauna.

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We organize private tours for groups of 2 to maximum 8 people, with up to 3 cars. You drive yourself with a well-maintained Toyota Landcruiser Prado through the African landscape. Not only on paved roads but off -road as well. You have all the freedom to stop and in this way and get in touch with the local people, nature and culture.
The expeditions we offer, are mainly based on our own driving experience. From our own experience and passion for these countries, we have assembled the most beautiful places in one holiday for you. We offer standard tours from 21 to 28 days. These trips are adventurous and have a free character. We let you see the less touristy areas and the camping always takes place at a campsite or in the bush, so that you feel completely at one with nature.You sleep in a roof tent (160 × 240!), This is set up within 5 minutes. Comfortable mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows are there permanently. High and dry, free of pests and with a fantastic view! This is Africa at its purest!

Another option is to assemble a trip yourself. In principle, anything is possible: where you want to go, how long you want to stay and what you want to do there, everything can be fully integrated in your personal journey. We are happy to assist you in putting together such a customized trip!  Call or email us for details.