21 days Uganda – Rwanda

22 dagen Oeganda-RwandaHighlight of this trip:

-Stay and tour the Children’s village Children’s Welfare Mission and attending classes or Sunday morning miss
-ZIWO Rhino Sanctuary Murchison Falls NP
-Crater Lake Nkuruba
-Lake Bunyoni

-Kivu lake
-Active volcano Nyiragongo. (Just over the border in Congo)
-Off road route from Giseny to Kibuye
-Visit Kigali Genocide Memorial
-Akagera NP
-Frequent encounters with the locals
-Driving a Toyota landcruiser 4 × 4 and different from the usual roads and trails
-Sleeping in a rooftop tent, outdoor cooking and eating; you become one with the nature

Price based on 2 adults and 1 car  € 4495,- pp
Price based on 4 adults and 2 cars € 3850,- pp
Price based on 6 adults and 3 cars € 3375,- pp
Children under 17 accompanied by at least two adults € 1795 , -pp

Prices valid for 2018/2019
We drive with up to 2 adults per car.

This price includes:

-Transfer to and from the airport.
-All nights
-Entry fee for all excursions as described
-Toyota Landcruiser Prado 4 × 4 with camping equipment for 2 persons consisting of:
-Roof tent with a comfortable mattress (largest size 1.60 × 2.40)
-Pillows / sleeping bags
-Comfortable Chairs / table
-Cooking equipment / a complete set of crockery
-Gas burner / Gas bottle
-2 Oil lamps-Refrigerator
-80 liter water tank with filter (buying bottled water is not necessary. You have your own tap for drinking water)
-Converter 12v to 220v for charging laptop camera etc.
-Vhf Radio for intercommunication
-Fuel (Diesel)
-Boarder fees for the Car (Kenya – Tanzania)
-Guide / Mechanic with own car. This car is equipped with sand ladders, winch,hi lift jack, tools and other parts

This price does not include:
-Flight tickets (Starting at € 600 , – low season)
-Visa, must be arranged prior rival ( $ 100 , – pp)
-Food / Beverage: price indication € 75 , – per person per week

Day 1
Flight from Amsterdam to Entebbe (Uganda). We pick you up personally at the airport and take you to our guesthouse in the children’s village, Children Welfare Mission (www.kinderhulp-afrika.nl). The village is located east of the capital Kampala, 1.5 hours drive from the airport. Sitting in the beautiful garden of the children’s village you can enjoy a Ugandan welcome drink under the starry sky.

Day 2
Guided tour of the children’s village. You may attend a class because the children’s village has its own primary and secondary school. Upon arrival on Saturday there is the possibility to attend the Sunday service.
Explanation of your car and camping equipment.Stocking up supplies for the coming days (at local markets among other places).

Day 3 120 km
Today you will first drive yourself and you will discover the hectic traffic around Kampala. As we leave the city it becomes more quieter on the road so you can enjoy the green, hilly landscape of central Uganda.
Tonight you sleep for the first time in the roof tent on top of the car. This tent is set up in less than 5 minutes and the mattresses, pillows and sleeping bags are there permanently. High, dry, safe and without pests. We camp at the rangers station of the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. (http://ziwarhino.com)

Day 4 120 km
We get up early, led by a ranger on foot, to look for rhinos. In the afternoon we drive to Fort Murchison Lodge (http://www.naturelodges.biz/fort-murchison). We camp right on Lake Albert. On the other side of the lake you have a view of the banks of Congo.

Day 5 100 km
We get up early today to visit the Murchison Falls National Park. This is the most diverse park in central western Uganda. Besides savanna area, you will also find a real rainforest (where chimpanzees live), a huge waterfall, a delta area and the Nile flowing through it! It is more than 3800 square kilometers, and is the largest national park in Uganda. In this park you will see leopards, lions, elephants, giraffes (Rock Loved), Uganda kobs, buffaloes and hippos. A walk to the top of the waterfall is also on the program. The waterfall Murchison pushes the water through a 7 meter narrow gap, releasing enormous forces. Sometimes you will feel the ground tremble beneath you. We camp on the banks of Murchison Falls. Because this camp site is not fenced you can experience the wildlife in the park intensely. At night the hippos come to graze. Because you sleep in a rooftop tent, you can all experience this up close.

Day 6 85 km
It is a long distance to travel between Murchison Falls and Fort Portal so we split the trip into two legs and stay overnight in a typical African town: Hoima.

Day 7 + 8 210 km
Today we head on the beautiful red dirt roads through forests, villages, mountains and hills towards Fort Portal. We regularly stop at small stalls to buy fruit and vegetables or to enjoy a cold bottle of soda. We camp at a campsite on the crater lake Nkuruba. This camp is run by the locals, the proceeds will be donated to a nearby orphanage. The lake with a diameter of 100 by 100 meters, surrounded by steep slopes are covered with tropical forest . It is also the domain of the black and white and red colobus monkeys. You can swim in the bilharzia -free crater lake.

Day 9 100 km
Today is a short drive towards Rwenzori Mountains. We visit a basketry run by women. We stay at a campsite just outside the gate of Rwenzori National Park. Led by a local guide we mingle among the locals and visit a rural farm, a local blacksmith and a voodoo doctor.
Day 10 + 11 214 km
Off road we drive towards Lake Bunyonyi. The lake is a beautiful place to relax. You can swim in the bilharzia free lake. We camp at the Dutchman Wilfried, he can tell us anything about this area, and if you want will cook an evening meal for us with vegetables from the garden.

Day 12 150 km
In Kisoro we cross the border to Rwanda, a few things immediately stand out; The road side is so clean (plastic bags are even prohibited by law!) and suddenly there is a tarmac road on the Rwandan side, incidentally, used mainly by pedestrians, cyclists and mopeds. There are even real road signs! We stay in Gisenyi on Lake Kivu. Here you will be able to enjoy the tranquility and the beautiful view of the crater lake. We camp in the beautiful garden of Bikini Tam Tam beach club. From here you can already see the volcano Nyiragongo (Congo). This volcano destroyed 20% of city Goma, (adjacent to Gisenyi) in 2002. There is plenty to fish in the beautiful bay. At sunset, the wooden canoes (3 tied together as a kind of catamaran) leave to go fishing with lamps on long wooden sticks. In the morning you can see fishermen coming back with dozens canoes from the camp site.

Day 13
Today, the program is to take a walk to the top of the active volcano Nyiragongo, this is a very special experience! We walk across the border into Congo, where we are greeted by one of the rangers of the Nyiragongo NP. The volcano is located 20 km north of Goma, near Kibati where the walk begins. The trip takes about six hours and you walk through lush forests and lava fields with a steep slope near the summit. The summit is at 3468 m, has an average diameter of 1.2 km, and has a deep crater. In the center of the crater is the world’s largest lava lake. The view of the lava is breathtakingly beautiful, especially at night. We spend the night in one of 9 simple wooden houses on the outskirts of the volcano.

Day 14
Today we walk down in 5 hours and are dropped off at the border by the ranger. We camp a second night at Lake Kivu.

Day 15 115 km
You drive through a beautiful off-road route from Giseny to Kibuye which includes views of the many tea plantations. On Mondays, we visit the Pfunda Tea plantation. We spend the night again in the Kivu before we drive to the midland to the capital Kigali.

Day 16 + 17 130 km
Today you drive on a tarmac road to Kigali, capital of Rwanda (850,000 inhabitants). Despite the eventful past Kigali is a peaceful town with many new buildings. After the genocide in 1994, this town has done a lot to make the center attractive to tourists again. It’s a very fascinating African city and very clean and uncluttered. We spend the night at a campsite in the center of town.
Day 18
After breakfast you will visit the Genocide Memorial in Kigali. The genocide monument gives a very penetrating view of what happened in Rwanda during the genocide of 1994. Please beware and take into consideration that you will be exposed to shocking photos and video. During the visit to the Genocide Monument, you will get a complete picture within hours of the genocide and turbulent history of Rwanda. You will learn how the genocide occurred and what role Europe (notably Belgium and France) have played in it. In the afternoon we drive to Akagera NP

Day 19
Akagera National Park is perhaps the best kept secret of Rwanda. A place where you wake up overlooking spectacular savanna landscapes. Akagera is a paradise for hippos, elephants, wildebeest, antelopes, giraffes, zebras, lions, leopards and special waterfowl. The Akagera park is 1085km2 and is located in northeastern Rwanda. The Akagera river which flows through the park, forms the border between Rwanda and Tanzania. The park has a great diversity of landscapes and vegetation of golden savannas with rolling grasslands to wetlands and mountains. The Ihema lake is in the south of the park, 100km2, the largest lake in the park. Since 1920, the park is a protected area. Akagera is visited by few other tourists!

Day 20
We drive back to Kigali.

Day 21
We bring you to the Kigali airport for the flight back to Amsterdam.

You can expand this holiday with a visit to the gorillas in the Virunga NP. (extra charge includes accommodation in a hotel in Congo € 500,- )