Our African adventure began in 2007. In that year we took a sabbatical of one year with our 25 year old Toyota landcruiser to travel through Africa. Since we also wanted to do something for the locals, we partnered with a Dutch organization Children’s Welfare Mission ( ) and designed a charity event to raise money for drilling a well and building a water tower in this children’s village. The organization was established 30 years ago in Uganda. Companies had the opportunity to sponsor us for every border crossing.


In southern Spain, we took the boat to Morocco and drove through West Africa in eight months to this children’s village in Uganda. After spending a few weeks we were sure that we wanted to come back here as often as possible. We drove back to the Netherlands through East Africa.Since then, we go back annually as often as possible to our base in Uganda and from there we travel to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia. After all these years we feel as much at home in Africa as we do in the Netherlands.

We want to introduce you to Africa through our travel experiences; a continent where you must have been once in your life. We have turned our passion and hobby into our profession by starting the travel organization On African Roads in 2012.Through the use of a Toyota landcruiser prado 4 × 4 equipped with a roof tent and camping equipment you can discover Africa yourself. Frank drives his own car as a guide. He knows the way, customs and culture in the area and acts as a mechanic for maintenance and repairs of the car. His years of experience in building / repairing and maintaining cars comes in very handy now. Because Karla has a tourism background and planning, arranging, organizing and coordinating activities fits her like a glove, she will concentrate on the preliminary stages of the trip.

On African Roads is ready to offer you an unforgettable African travel experience!

With kind regards
Frank Peeters & Karla Nugteren