Terms and Conditions

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Coming to a travel agreement and deposit.

After booking a trip, you will receive an invoice. A 30% deposit is to be credited to our account within 10 days after the invoice date.As soon as the deposit is on our account, On African Roads considers the booking to be definite. We also assume that our terms and conditions have been read and accepted.The person who booked the trip is personally liable for the total trip price for themselves and all other participants within the same booking. All correspondence is conducted through the address of the person who booked.The traveler is obliged to disclose any personal circumstances that may affect their journey, such as illness / medication / handicap at the time of the booking.

Remaining trip price.
The remainder is due 4 weeks before the start of the journey. If the entire amount is not paid within this period, On African Roads considers the booking to be canceled. Additional fees then apply. If you book within 4 weeks of departure, the entire trip price is to be credited to our account in one transaction.The total amount includes everything that is listed under “included” in the itinerary of the journey.

Cancellation of the travel contract by the traveler must be submitted in writing. The cancellation date is the delivery date of the letter. If a confirmed booking is canceled up to 28 days before departure, you must pay the deposit (30%). If canceled from 28 to 15 days before departure, you must pay 50% of the total trip price.If canceled within 15 days before departure, you must pay 100% of the total trip price.

If you depart later than the departure date or if the trip is cut short, there is no refund. If you do not follow the full program during the trip, you will receive no refund. If On African Roads unexpectedly needs to cancel a trip, they will always do this in writing before the scheduled departure date. In that case On African Roads will return the paid amount to the customer.

On African Roads reserves the right to change the price or adjust the itinerary, in case of changes in exchange rates, weather conditions, regulatory requirements or other factors beyond the control of African On Roads. The tour price is determined based on prices, taxes and exchange rates at the time of the invoice date. If after that time major changes occur in those components, On African Roads reserves the right to pass on these costs.

On African Roads advises its customers to take out personal travel and cancellation insurance in the country of origin. Coverage should ideally include: cancellation and cutting short the trip, medical expenses and accidents (including assistance “emergency rescue”) theft / loss or damage to baggage (including travel documents, valuables, money). Coverage varies per insurer. Please check whether the activities in which you intend to participate are also covered by your insurer. If you only have basic health insurance, we recommend that you include comprehensive coverage for medical expenses through your travel insurance.

Travel documents and luggage.
The passenger should be in possession of all necessary valid travel documents and travel documents such as passport, driving license, airline tickets. The traveler must check the applicability, completeness and validity of these travel documents with the relevant institutions and bodies him-/herself. On African Roads is not responsible if the traveler may not participate in the trip or parts of it due to deficiencies in his travel documents. On African Roads is not responsible for loss or damage of luggage or travel documents.

Vaccinations / Visa.
Information about vaccinations and visas is issued by On African Roads, but it should always be checked by the traveler with the appropriate institutions. The information provided by On African Roads is not legally binding.

On African Roads is responsible for the proper execution of the trip according to the travel agreement. In the assessment of the tour one should take into account the adventurous nature of it, local conditions, customs, traditions and limitations that may be inherent to the destination and nature of the journey. On African Roads is not liable for damage caused by:
1. Shortcomings in the execution of the travel agreement that are attributable to the traveler, which includes damages resulting from the health condition of the passenger.
2. Influence and actions of third parties who are not involved in the agreement.
3. Circumstances that are not due to the fault of On African Roads and / or cannot be attributed to On African Roads according to law or standards applicable in society.
4. Situations beyond reasonable control, such as; natural disasters, wars, political unrest, strikes, changes in flight schedules.
5. Theft, loss, damage to property.
6. Illness of the traveler.
7. Faults and / or changes made by airlines.
8. On African Roads assumes no liability for damages covered by travel and / or cancellation insurance.
9. In case On African Roads can be held liable for loss of travel enjoyment or for damages suffered by passengers in the exercise of his profession or business, the compensation shall never exceed a maximum of one times the travel amount.
10. Liability for damages other than those caused by death or injury to passengers is limited to a maximum of one times the travel amount in all cases.
The risk of the traveler.
The traveler participates in traffic entirely at their own risk. The traveler can in no way hold On African Roads liable for damages arising from accidents in which the participant possibly becomes involved. The traveler is in sufficient physical and mental condition to make the trip and will in no way hold the organizer of the trip liable for any damage or accidents resulting from inadequate physical or mental health.
On African Roads cannot be held to obvious mistakes and errors in a publication.